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Montero Sport VS Fortuner

montero sport

 Montero Sport

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will unveil its new

Pajero Sport (Montero Sport for Philippine

market) SUV model at the Moscow Auto Salon

2008 (The Moscow Motor Show) to be held at

the Crocus Expo in Moscow between August 26

and September 7. The new Pajero Sport will be

phased in selected regions such as Russia, the

ASEAN area, the Middle East, Latin America

and Oceania starting in the fall this year.

The new Pajero Sport features dynamic and

sporty exterior lines, complemented by a stylish

and vast interior space that engenders a sense

of comfort, purpose and safety. The cabin,

available in either a 2-row (5-passenger) or 3-

row (7-passenger) seating configuration is also

very practical with water-repellent seats and a

waterproof luggage compartment floor, ideal for

leisure use.

Mitsubishi's latest SUV will be powered by three
engine options: 2.5-liter and 3.2-liter common

rail direct injection diesel units and a 3.5-liter

V6 gasoline unit.

In terms of architecture, the body of the

Pajero Sport is mounted on a new ladder frame

to realize high levels of durability and

reliability, consistent with the needs of its

target markets.

The new model will use the Super Select 4WD

system, also used in the Pajero SUV, which

transmits drive torque effectively to all four

wheels on all types of surface. The body, frame
and driveline not only give Pajero Sport

outstanding off-road performance but allow it to
deliver excellent drive dynamics over all surfaces.

The choice of the Moscow Motor Show to unveil

the new Pajero Sport is a clear indication of

Russia's eminent position within Mitsubishi

Motors. In fiscal 2007 Mitsubishi Motors sold

some 100,000 vehicles on the Russian market,

boosted by the ever successful Lancer line-up

and a popular range of SUVs.

MMC is confident that the new Pajero Sport

SUV will make a strong addition to its SUV

range, which also includes the Pajero and

Outlander. Coming on the heels of the

introduction of the Lancer sports sedan last

year, this will allow MMC to expand SUV sales

and hit a total sales volume of 140,000 units on

the Russian market in fiscal 2008.

MMC will hold its Press Briefing at the Mitsubishi Motors stand at 17:20 on Tuesday August 26.

The new 2008 2009 Mitsubishi Montero Sport looks great. On the outside, the 2008 2009 Montero Sport comes standard with alloy wheels, skid plates for its four-wheel-drive transfer case, a chrome grille, tow hooks, intermittent rear window-wiper, tinted glass, and mudguards.

On the inside, Montero Sport includes such amenities as a leather-wrapped steering wheel, power windows, air conditioning, cruise control, three 12-volt outlets, optional power sunroof, and a height-adjustable steering column.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport models boast 10-way adjustable driver's seats, six-way adjustable front passenger seats, 140-watt stereo systems, and a number of tie-down hooks in the cargo areas. To complete our Mitsubishi Montero Sport review, we'd be remiss in mentioning the available accessories, such as a nose mask, fender flares, and roof rails, to name a few.

At the heart of all of the 2008 2009 Mitsubishi Montero Sport models is an engine that means business and doesn't play around. Standard on the Mitsubishi Montero Sport ES and 2008 2009 LS models, you'll find a 3.0-liter, cast-iron, SOHC 24-valve V-6 engine that delivers 165 horsepower at 5,250 and 186 pounds-per-foot of torque at 4,000 rpm. With the XLS and Limited models, you'll find a 3.5-liter, cast-iron, SOHC 24-valve V-6 engine that delivers 197 horsepower at 5,000 and 223 pounds-per-foot of torque at 3,500 rpm.

Read a bunch of 2008 2009 Mitsubishi Montero Sport reviews and you'll see that Montero Sport performance isn't the only thing critics are talking about. Under the chassis, the Mitsubishi Montero Sport transmission is pretty good, too, and every model comes standard with a four-speed automatic with Adaptive Shift Control. Then, of course, there is the suspension - front independent double-wishbone with torsion bars in the front, and rear solid-axle multi-link with coil springs in the back. All of this is further proof that the new 2008 2009 Mitsubishi Montero Sport is one tough truck



Pajero Sport replaces G-Wagon moniker / More compact seven-seat body / Based on Triton but with new rear suspension / 2.5/3.2 turbo-diesel and 2WD/4WD options / On sale in October from B1m upwards

Design and packaging

In an effort to give the new G-Wagon a fresh presence in showrooms, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand is renaming it Pajero Sport. It will be rebadged in some other markets as well.

Designed for less sophisticated markets outside the US and Western Europe, the Pajero Sport will be called Montero Sport in South America and Challenger in Australia.

Development of the Pajero Sport is similar to that of the G-Wagon in that it is based on the one-ton pick-up manufactured in Thailand.

The front end of the Pajero Sport is sleeker than before and closely resembles that of the Triton workhorse. However, the Triton's banana-shaped C-pillars have been replaced by conventional upright themes for the Pajero Sport. The rear lights, on the other hand, ape that of the Lancer compact car.

No pictures of the Pajero Sport's interior have been revealed, although expect it to be shared with the Triton's but tweaked to look and feel more upmarket.

Mitsubishi won't reveal any dimensions until the Pajero Sport is unveiled at the Moscow motor show late next month, but only says there will be a five- and seven-seat layout for the cabin. The latter configuration has been confirmed for the Thai market.

This means that the Pajero Sport will have a more sensible wheelbase and overall length for better driving agility to match the Toyota Fortuner that's spun off the Vigo pick-up body.

Pickup-based rivals like the Ford Everest (Ranger) and Isuzu MU7 (D-Max) have been developed in accordance to the now-defunct rules of PPVs (passenger pick-up vehicles).

One rule stipulated that the wheelbase must be at least 2,850mm long which made the Everest and MU7 unnecessarily cumbersome to drive as a result of their wider turning radii and uncompetitive ramp angles for off-roading.

The other rule these two had to comply by was the use of rear leaf springs that compromised on handling/ride balance. The Fortuner uses coil springs instead.

And even though Mitsubishi hasn't mentioned it, insiders have confirmed to Motoring that the Pajero Sport follows the Fortuner's strategy, promising a more car-like drive and ride.

Engine and transmission

The Pajero Sport will use the Triton's 140hp 2.5- and 165hp 3.2-litre inline-four turbo-diesel in place of the G-Wagon's older 2.8-litre counterpart.

In other markets like Russia and the Middle East where oil isn't much of a concern, a 3.5-litre V6 petrol variation is available, but it won't be available in Thailand for good reasons.

There will be 2WD and 4WD options to choose from, most likely the Everest's approach whereby only the bigger engine gets extra traction for mud-trekking.

Gearbox options include five-speed manual and four-speed automatic with the 4WD version getting a full set of switchable gears known as Super Select in Mitsubishi speak, currently used in the Pajero flaghip SUV.

Market and price

Like before, the Pajero Sport gains on the privileged PPV tax rate of just 20%, enabling it to match prices set by rivals - between B1-1.3m.

Had it not been developed to PPV rules, it would have faced passenger car tax rates of between 35% (2.5) and 50% (3.2) just like any other ordinary car-based SUVs.

The Pajero Sport's introduction here has been brought forward to October from the year-ending Motor Expo. Although the G-Wagon replacement was long overdue, the state of its competition suggests it was a timely move by Mitsubishi.

The Fortuner is approaching mid-life with a facelift due any time, while the Everest and MU7 are soldiering on with dated packages. This should keep the Pajero Sport fresh until the end of the decade.

Mitsubishi insiders are bullish with the Pajero Sport which should help put the brand back on the top three of the SUV sales charts.


Lloyd said...

Montero Sport is more smoother ride

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Fortuner is like a tank its more capable offroader

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I like's Fortuner's look than Montero Sport.

Lloyd said...

fortuner masayadong tagtag ang ride hope they fix this with thier 2nd Gen Fortuner suspension system or just replace it with a 3rd party rear suspension to improve comfort.

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Jofax said....

Montero sport nindot pampamilya na pang sports pa.....

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ayo montero kuyaw lng basin mo flip

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Fortuner looks great and awesome compared to Montero...

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Right but it depends because older people loves the fortuner

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